This time you're on a pilgrimage

Spellbreaker (Fighting Fantasy) - Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Alan Langford

Before I start writing about this particular Fighting Fantasy book I have to mention that I found this really cool blog (called Fight Your Fantasy) where the author plays through each of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks blind (meaning that he has not yet read the book) and plays through the book until he either completes it, or dies, and then posts his adventure as a story on the blog. From the few that I have read (including Spellbreaker) he ends up dying. In fact, from what I can tell, he has yet to successfully complete one adventure, though I guess half the fun of this blog is to follow his escapades which will always end up being fatal.



Anyway, I should probably say a few things about this book. Well, I must say that it was entertaining, though the name of the kingdom (Rumblestone) sounded like it belonged in Disneyworld. However, unlike a Disneyworld adventure, this one is quite brutal. In fact, in the first paragraph you encounter this really, really, powerful demon, and because it is a really, really, powerful demon you have to fight it with a disability, which makes this one of these very few Fighting Fantasy gamebooks where you can die before actually beginning the adventure. However, once you get past that little hurdle (unless of course you cheat, then that demon is going to be no problem whatsoever) you then come across the other really difficult part of the game (and I am not talking about the bad grammar either).



To complete this adventure you need lots and lots of items, and the items that you need are not always that clear. I guess that simply adds to the replayability of it because once you get to a certain point and discover that you needed to collect all of that stuff that you ignored in the market (that is if you even had the gold to buy it) then it means that you can go back to paragraph one and start all over again (and hopefully not get killed by that really, really, powerful demon).



As for the adventure, well, you are on a pilgrimage, because, well, you are that sort of hero, and you meet this really nice guy out on the moors in the middle of a rainstorm. So, deciding that camping in the rainstorm is not good for your health (because you could end up catching a cold – just like I did this week), you make your way to the monastery, and then invite him in with you. However, this really nice guy turns out to be completely the opposite, namely because he kills a monk and then steals this book on demonology to, well, raise a demon from the dead. Of course, since you were the guy that invited him into the monastery the monks expect you to track him down and get the book back.


So, in the end, I must say that despite the bad grammar, and the name that sounded like it came from Walt Disney (and the overweight princess that was travelling to the healing well to see if the well would also cure obesity – I've never actually considered whether that is actually a possibility), I still enjoyed this little adventure, and felt that it, once again, breathed some life into this latter end of the series.