A book about Noses

The Nose Book - Al Perkins, Joe Mathieu, Joseph Mathieu

I didn't like this one as much as the Eye Book because it was a little bit more complicated which means that I would have a lot more difficulty translating it into German. Okay, I understand this is a kid's book, but at least it does not deal with stray dogs picking up lost children, taking them home and sleeping in the same bed as them (a-la Mister Dog). I am sure this is a great book for children to read (though a little more complicated than others) but since I have no children, and since this is not one of my remembered favourites, I am going to have to mark it down.


As you can guess, this book deals with noses, and looks at our nose, how our nose can get hurt, and then what would happen if we did not have a nose. There is a suggestion that we have a nose because it helps support our glasses (if you have glasses that is) but I would have to suggest that this is not the case because glasses were designed to rest on your ears and nose, and not the other way around. Okay, they do help you smell, and you also look pretty silly without a nose, but then if nobody had a nose then I guess we would all be used to it and we would probably think that people who had noses looked pretty silly.


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