Another overtly detailed guide to a fantasy region

The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier (Forgotten Realms Campaign Expansion) - Paul Jaquays

While this is another obsolete Dungeons and Dragons product, once you strip away all of the 2nd edition rules, or spend some time updating it to the third edition, this product can still be quite useful. I guess its usefulness comes out of the descriptions of the regions in the Forgotten Realms that are pretty much North of Waterdeep. Once again, unless you are really interested in reading about fantasy lands where somebody has painstakingly sat down to write a book that gives a detailed account of a region within a fantasy world, and then walk away from it with no further understanding of the real world in which you live, and you are happy with that, then maybe this book has some value.


I would use it mind you, especially since I did run some adventures set in The North. A part of me liked that section of the Realms, and in a way it still holds some fond memories. One adventure that I ran involved an army appearing north of the Spine of the World and then slowly moving south towards Waterdeep. This, mind you, was based on, unintentionally mind you but it does show how we can be influenced by novels that we have read, the Magician series. Unfortunately I never got to finish that adventure because, well, I broke up with my then 'girlfreind' (read she got bored with me after a couple of weeks, as she was prone to do, and moved on to another guy that was living in the same block of flats).


Still, I think the cover is pretty cool.