An average day at the office

The Price of Power - Rose Estes

The more I think about it the more I realise that there is probably not all that much that I really want to write about this book, however I do not want to leave it as a few sentences that suggests that I read this book and do not remember anything about it. Well, I could talk about how it is about a barbarian, and that it is written by somebody who started off her literary career writing Choose Your Own Adventure books, but I would just be repeating myself, so I think I might tell you about my day instead (and I hope Goodreads doesn't boot me for doing that).

Well, I got up at about 6:30 am, drank a cup of tea, and read my Bible (as I always do). Then I had some breakfast (Weetbixs, and since I usually eat it in bed, because it is warmer and more comfortable than the kitchen table, I eat it while reading my Bible). In between that I checked how the Dow went overnight (it went up) and then had a shower. Since it was Friday, it was neat casual day, so I put my black shirt on (not the Facisti black shirt, but a black shirt nonetheless), grabbed my book on Hong Kong, and went to work.

Work was same old same old, sitting down and answering phones, and trying to solve people's problems (which I managed to do). The guys across from me still teased me, but that is their problem, and I resisted the temptation to offer to buy them a shovel that they could use to dig their own grave (they were doing a very good job of it themselves). During my break, I checked my stocks, and discovered that I was beating the market by quite a lot, and then went back to work, after reading an email about the stock market (yes, I do have a particular interest in the stock market). Since I am pretty much chained to my desk, I take whatever opportunity I have to get away from it.

That second period I had my most, well, sort of amusing claim. It made me realise that my day could never be as bad as this guy's day, because he managed to write off a $180 000.00 Mercedes Benz, and he wasn't insured. Sort of one of those moments that suddenly make you realise that your life from that point on is going to amount to absolutely nothing (though people have got out of worse). Mind you, it was an accident (though who knows, apparently he was a hippy, with his van having pot plants on the dash board, and when the side door was opened, sleeping bags and what not fell all over the road. However, I sometimes wonder about those people that make decisions that pretty much are irreversible, and end up having to live with it.

At lunch I ate my sandwich (which I made the night before) and read some more of my Hong Kong book, as well as checking the market and noticed that my stocks were doing quite well. I was still up (not that I actually have any control over it) but the ASX was down. I then went back to work, and actually managed to lodge the two paper claims that my boss (she's a cool boss, and even made some chocolate slices today, which seemed so unlike her) wanted me to lodge. I finally got to go home, and before catching the Melbourne Metro, checked my stocks, and discovered that the ASX had fallen, but my portfolio had risen by the same amount. At least I didn't have as bad a day as that hippy.