Yep, the beginning of another fantasy trilogy

The First Named (Servants of Ark Trilogy, Volume 1) - Jonathan Wylie

One of the reasons that I remembered reading this book was because I was in a second hand bookshop in Adelaide and I saw it sitting on the shelf. Personally I don't remember all that much of it beyond the cover, and the fact that there were two other books in the trilogy (which I also read) and that I read it way back in my teenage years. I am not sure why I actually read it because it wasn't connected with any Dungeons and Dragons world, and in fact it had nothing to do with Dungeons and Dragons whatsoever.

The thing about these fantasy books is that they generally did not have a lot of monsters in them like Dungeons and Dragons had, and even if they did they were few and far between. It was not until I had reached my mid-twenties that I realised that you cannot write a book where the main characters simply run around killing monsters and not actually have a plot, and even if they did have a plot, the type of story that involves the heroes killing a bunch of minions, and then confronting the big bad guy at the end in an epic battle, does not really make for good literature.

Okay, I do admit that when it comes of Hollywood I do enjoy the films where the hero battles their way through a heap of minions and then fights the bad guy at the end in an epic battle, but then again there are so many movies out there like that that they end up becoming really boring. Therefore, if a movie like that is boring, then to me, a book like that is probably going to be even more boring.

Anyway, I have hit my goal, this weekend at least, of reaching 800 commentaries on Goodreads, that I think I can finish this one off (not that I actually said anything about the book, but then again I have read the book, and I don't like marking a book as read without actually writing something in the comment section, despite this commentary telling you absolutely nothing about this book, so my apologies to Jonathon Wylie for not giving the potential reader of this commentary the desire to read his book, but then again, he is among the thousands of would be authors out there that, well, nothing in his books have really stood out beyond it being just another fantasy trilogy).