All about eyes

The Eye Book - Theodore Le Sieg

Hey, this book is so simple that I can translate most of it into German without going to a dictionary.


Das Auge Buch

Auge, Augen.

Meine Augen, Meine Augen.

Seine Augen, Seine Augen.

Zwinke Auge, Zwinke Auge.

Rosa Auge, rosa Auge.

Meine Augen Seiht, er Augen Seiht.

Ich sehe ihm, er seiht mich.

Unsere Augen sehen blau, unsere Augen sehen rott.

Sie sehen ein Vogel, Sie sehen ein Bett.

Sie sehen den Sonne, Sie sehen den Mond.

Sie sehen eine Gabel, ein Messer, und einen Loffel.

Sie sehen eine Madchen, Sie sehen einen Mensch, ein Junge, ein Pferd, und einen Alte Zinn Dose.


I think I will leave it at that, though I am not sure how well my German translation of a Dr Suess book (and this is a legitimate Dr Suess book because Theo LeSieg is Dr Suess, though while he put his own name as opposed to his pen name on this book is beyond me).

I can't say that it is one of my favourite books (and I feel that we have lost some to the poetry, actually a lot of the poetry, with the German translation which, by the way, involved some guess work – but at least I can make an attempt to translate the Dr Suess books into German, which is much easier than the Little Golden books). Well, the next Dr Suess book on my list is the Nose Book, but I won't be reading that just yet.