A collection of frivolus facts

Fabulous animal facts: That hardly anyone knows - Rita Golden Gelman

Well, it may not be fabulous, but it is a fact about an animal that I suspect hardly anybody knows: while I sit here eating a bowl of chips that I just purchased from the local shop, my Mum's dog is sitting in front of me (not that I can see him since my laptop is in the way – no, he has just stuck his head around the laptop) with that look on his face that makes it appear that nobody loves him when in reality he just thinks that it is unfair that I get to eat chips and he doesn't (not that he actually remembers that I gave him one before, but then again I doubt that he really cares because despite the fact that he has had one, one is simply not good enough and he has to have more).

Did you also know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and it can kill them if they eat it? I did, but I only learnt that recently (and I did not learn it from this book because this book says nothing about chocolate and dogs, and in fact has no mention of dogs, or cats). Did you also know that they throw animals into arenas to tear each other to pieces, and place bets of the outcome? Well, I'm sure you did, but that is another fabulous animal fact that is not mentioned in this book (though it is not one of those facts that hardly anybody knows because I suspect that a lot of people know it).

Did you also know that since it is getting harder and harder to find tigers in the wild that criminal organisations actually breed them so that they can then sell the body parts on the black market? I didn't know that and I didn't learn that from this book either (because it has nothing about Tigers in this book, or the black market, or their use in Traditional Chinese Medicines) but I learnt that fabulous animal fact from my recent (or not so recent) trip to Bangkok. I also learnt that if you walk in front of a tiger they are likely to tear you a new one (and while that is a fabulous animal fact, I'm sure a lot of people know about that as well).

Well, it seems like I haven't actually mentioned any of the fabulous animal facts that hardly anybody knows that are in the book, and I really don't feel like doing so, because while the author may think that they are fabulous I generally think that they are ho-hum (okay, the fact that Elephants are right or left tusked in the same way that we are right or left handed is interesting, and the fact that a bird uses a tooth pick to remove food from a tree is also interesting). However, if you want to know more about these facts then I guess you should look at reading this book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/766953415