Once again go off and save the city

Fangs of Fury - Luke Sharp

Well I guess we are starting to get to the dull end of the Fighting Fantasy Series, and I know that I am now more than half-way through the official series (though I am wondering how I am going to get my hands on some of the later ones considering the prices can be ridiculously high – I could sift through Ebay though). It also looks like that I have read the last of the 'different' ones back with Skylord because the remainder seem to all be set in fantasy worlds (and the world of Titan to be precise). It would have been nice if they had done some more science-fiction ones, but I guess that is why they ended up with only 59.

Anyway, this one seems to follow a similar plot to a number that have come before: you are a soldier in a city that is under siege and are selected to go out and save the city by lighting a torch in a volcano called the Fangs of Fury which will activate the automatic defences of the city and thus destroy the army. When I discovered this I realised that this was going to be one of those books that I really wouldn't like, and it also seems that the writer (Luke Sharp) also wrote the Chasms of Malice which didn't seem to go down too well with readers (and the ordinary soldier thrown into a great mission is similar as well).

This book has a timing mechanism which involves a bracelet that goes black, and you have '12' chances to get to the end of the adventure. These chances refer to one of the walls of the city being breached, and once the last wall is breached, you, well, basically die. Also they have a few other things in this book, such as the black cubes, which are supposed to (well, they do, but that is irrelevant) protect you from the heat of the volcano. Sharp also uses the pictures a bit more because you are supposed to look for cubes in the pictures (which I could not really find because I was not really sure what I was supposed to be looking for, but you are supposed to find more than 28). Apparently there is also a gem box, but there were no gems in the adventure at all.

Anyway, I am determined to make my way through all of them, and maybe I can look at some of the other books (such as Lone Wolf and Grailquest) while trying to get the other books that I don't have access too through Ebay (though I have no intention of paying huge amounts of money to purchase them).

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/660110016