A book that doesn't do the film justice

The Rescuers (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) - Walt Disney Company

This is the book adaptation of the film of the same name (no doubt released around the same time) however I don't remember it – at all. As is typical of Disney films we have a couple of animals that go off and help a little girl that has somehow been imprisoned by a mean and nasty woman and her stupid male sidekick (why are the males always stupid when you have an evil woman, and come to think of it, why are all the villains women – the villain of Snow White is a woman, the villain of Wizard of Oz is a woman, and I am sure I can think of a multitude of others, oh yeah, the villains in Cinderella are both women).

This book doesn't really do much for me though, particularly since it is a film adaptation and it appears that they have significantly truncated the story so they could fit it in a children's book of 24 pages. I have seen a similar attempt (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) which I also felt did not come out all that well, but then again I tend to find (as many others do) that a film that is made from a book tends to be pretty ordinary, and a book made from a film is also pretty ordinary.

My suspicion is that we are dealing with two different media and there are things that can be done in film that can't be done in books and vice versa. Some directors (such as Martin Scorsesee) can make a really good movie out of a book, but I suspect that when doing so that one needs to understand that you are translating the work into what is in effect a different language, and in doing so one needs to look at how one can translate the work so that the original meaning and theme is maintained (which is very hard to do). Unfortunately it seems that Hollywood does the book to movie, especially with books deemed as being unfilmable, more as a challenge rather than attempting to effectively translate the book into a different medium.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/767838686