Another catalogue of Shadowrun stuff

Shadowtech (Shadowrun, 7110) - Karl Wu

To be honest I am not really all that certain what this book is about. I know that I have read it and that it is connected to Shadowrun (which is pretty obvious anyway) but I am not sure what the technology is that the book describes. Maybe, I suspect, that this book is about Shadowrun technology that does not necessarily fit into any off the other categories.

The reason I say that is because there are a number of books that seem to be character specific (though the Mercs can use stuff from the Street Samurai Catalog and the Street Samurai and use stuff from Fields of Fire) but thinking through all of the archetypes in Shadowrun I can't think off anything in which this book would be connected to.

I have read it, as I said, but then with most of these Shadowrun equipment catalogues, reading them is hardly any chore at all because they generally consist of a picture, some rules based stuff below it (as well as the name of the item) and then some comments from Shadowrunners as to whether the equipment works or not. Mind you, I like those little comments because they tend to add depth to the item, but also gives the gamemaster ideas as to its flaws.

However, as I said, I can't really comment much further on this book because I can't remember much more of it, and even then, if you do want to get the book, it is probably a bit obsolete because, well, we are up to about 3rd edition Shadowrun, and are probably going to see more in the future.