A bounty hunter tracks down the final target

Moonrunner (Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks) - Stephen Hand

Well, it has been quite a while since I have read one of these (that is in regards to my recent read through of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks) despite meaning to read them for quite a while. However I have now corrected that and on Christmas Day I decided I would give this gamebook a try. There are still quite a few of them to get through but at least I can now mark this one off of my list.

Moonrunner has you playing a bounty hunter who has been running around an area known as the Four Kingdoms bringing a number of generals from the losing side of a recent war to justice, however one of them, Karam Gruul, has managed to elude capture. Thus, when you arrive in the city of Blackhaven you are approached by one of the councillors and told that Gruul may be up to his tricks again and assigns you the task of tracking him down. As is the case with all of these adventures, they simply can't send in an army, or even the city watch, because they are not as effective as a single person (or a small group of people).

This was the first time that I ever read this particular book (or played this adventure, depending on how you approach these books), and once again it does not involve trudging downs streets, or making your way through passages in a dungeon, that the early books had you do. Instead you are in a fairly large (and as can be expected, quite dangerous) city where you are given a number of places to visit, and you visit them one by one. The adventure starts out with four places, with the suggestion of another two if you find out how to get there.

However, when you visit one of the places (a tavern) you are then approached by another person, who tells you that you are going about it all wrong, and that instead you need to collect a bunch of artifacts, and you only have nine hours in which to do so before you miss the crucial time when the secret society (or rather no so secret society because everybody seems to know about it) gets together to discuss their plans.




As a bounty hunter, this adventure begins with you selecting four skills from a list, all of them being the type of skills (such as disguise, sleight of hand, pick lock) that you would expect a thief to have. Unfortunately I'm not really able to give you any hints on which skills to take because they all seem to be needed. Okay one of the artifacts that you collect allows you to get a new skill, but I was hesitant to use that artifact because you can only use them once and I believe that you need them all in the final battle. What I can tell you though is that despite appearances, you do have time to search the room at the beginning of the adventure. Oh, and another thing, this adventure also has you write words down on your sheet, and if you have those words when you get to certain paragraphs, things can happened (such as an unstoppable killing machine storming through a wax museum).


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