A not very useful sourcebook about a bunch of islands

Moonshae - Douglas Niles

Well, I have two more books to go (both roleplaying products) and a rewrite (that technically doesn't count) and hopefully I will finish the next Secret Seven book tomorrow so I can complete my task of writing a bucket load of commentaries for Goodreads to boost my stats and to see where it puts me for the number of reviews that I have written in the week (and even the month) though with regards to the year, there are others that are probably ahead of me. Okay, I could sit down and read and then comment on all of my brother's children's books, but they are back in Adelaide, and I would need at least a week of doing nothing else, which is not something that I wish to do.

However, here is another out of print sourcebook that I flicked through (and if I am adding these, I guess there are a lot more AD&D and other roleplaying products that I can add, but I won't bother at this stage because after this week I am pretty commentaried out, and there are other things that I wish to write anyway, so I think I will slow down for a while, especially since I have already written all of the ones that I have listed that I will write).

As mentioned elsewhere, the Moonshaes are a bunch of islands off the coast of Faerun in the Forgotten Realms that are supposed to be Celtic in origin (pronounced with a hard 'C' because the soft 'C' refers to a football club). I have already commented on these islands in the books set on these islands, so all I will say is that I never set an adventure here, had no interest of ever setting an adventure here, and since I don't roleplay much anymore, and certainly don't run games set in the Forgotten Realms, it is unlikely that I ever will set an adventure here.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/706506213