Another failed attempt to challenge Dungeon & Dragon's mastery

Earthdawn - Christopher Kubasik, Louis J. Prosperi, Tom Dowd

Apparently this game is set in the same world as Shadowrun, though probably thousands of years before the present day in a time before a great cataclysm reshaped the world. Personally I really don't know because it has been a very, very long time since I actually played this game, and even then I only played it a couple of times (I think I played a Tskrang Sorcerer, as I am prone to do, because Humans and Elves are really boring).

I came across this game because a friend of mine bought it and then gave me the book and asked me if I would run the game. I looked at it and politely declined because, to me, it was simply another game system set in a world like Dungeons and Dragons, and in a way I was more than happy to simply keep on using the Dungeons and Dragons system. Mind you, because I was pretty much writing all of my modules as if I were going to publish them, actually creating an adventure was quite a lot of work for me. I think I may have changed that attitude a bit, but I guess that part of me that is a writer really likes to properly craft my adventures beyond a few scribbled notes. Anyway, I have ended up publishing them somewhere on the internet (not that anybody really sees them).

So as for this game it seems like it has pretty much gone the way that ever other game that has attempted to challenge the throne of fantasy roleplaying that Dungeons and Dragons hold, and that is the dust bin of history. The only reason I that actually remembered that this game existed was because my friend mentioned the Tskrang sorcerer that I played on Facebook. However the problem with this was that the game master that we had was pretty ordinary (actually I think the word banal is a much better description of him). The problems that I have found with such games is that I have never really had a good game master (okay there was one, and I did play a pretty cool fanatical Jewish sorcerer) or even a good story, which meant that I ended up having to create the story and thus was not able to actually play the game. Anyway, it has been ages since we have actually played a game (well, not ages because I think I can put it down as a 'little over a year') so I guess it is a moot point.