Once again something wants to wipe out all the mutants

New X-Men, Vol. 1: E is for Extinction - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely

I have read an X-men graphic novel before but it was one of the original X-men comics as opposed to this one, which is more of a revamped version that is darker and grittier that has done away with those really annoying yellow spandex uniforms that they would wear. Also, Wolverine looks a lot more like Hugh Jackman and he doesn't run around with that mask on. In a way it seems that they have decided to follow along with the style that came out of the movies rather than the original style that the other comics established.

However, this graphic novel has the X-men up against a force that, surprise, surprise, wants to wipe the mutants off the face of the Earth, and along with that they actually manage to kill Magneto (despite the fact that he is an incredibly powerful mutant that is able to control metal, and the creature that destroys him, along with all of the other mutants on his island, are huge metallic robots called sentinals). Also it seems that the main characters in this graphic novel are Wolverine, Cyclopes, Pheonix, Professor X, Emma Frost, and Beast.

I guess the theme that runs through this graphic novel is the theme that seems to run through all of the X-men literature, and that is while humanity seeks to advance, there is a force pushing against that desire for advancement because of the fear that the evolved creatures will turn and destroy those that have not evolved. The X-men use the idea of mutations, though that is very hit and miss, and is really only an analogy that is used to create a series of super-hero comics.

However, the truth still exists that I believe that humanity is being held back from advancing by those that have no desire to advance, and the fear is that if those that can advance do advance, then the position of those that either can't, or do not want to, will be undermined. While there is a sense of economic Darwinism in the picture, this is not necessarily what is happening because the nature of this world is that we are hostile and fight against each other.

Why is it that the bully always pushes the nerd around? The reason is usually because the bully feels threatened by the nerd because the nerd tends to be more intelligent than the bully. I believe that it goes further than that because in my experience the alienation that nerds experience has the habit of not only forcing them to the fringes of society, but can and does result in drug and alcohol abuse and even suicide. I remember back in the 80s when there was a spate of alleged Dungeons and Dragon's suicides and the roleplaying game caught the flack for it. I suspect is that it was more likely the alienation that was experienced by the players due to them being classified as nerds.

Also, the earning potential of the intelligent person is actually much greater than that of the jock or the pretty boy. Compare Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with Michael Jordan and other similar sporting heroes. The sporting hero, or the actor, may rake in millions, but the computer nerd has the tendency to rake in the billions, and are more likely to retain that money than the sporting jock or the film star.


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