Cool! A book in 3D, without the glasses

The Pop-up Book of Trains - Susan Swan

Hey, do you like trains, and would you like to read a book about trains in 3D? Well, you can't go past the 'Pop-Up Book of Trains'. Okay, it may not be the 3D that you expect from the cinemas these days, but you cannot argue that it is not in 3D because it is a pop-up book, and because it is a pop-up book, ergo it is in 3D.

As for me, I thought that this was a heaps cool book when I was a kid and I used to play around with it to the point that most of it has been pretty ruined now and as such it does not have the same appeal as it did when I first got it. Then again pop-up books are no doubt much more fragile than your ordinary copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anyway, this book has heaps of trains (or enough to fill up the 16 pages of pop up paraphernalia to bedazzle and wonder kids throughout the English speaking world – and maybe even beyond). It has subway trains, mono-rail trains, circus trains, steam trains, and even a Funicular Railway (though it does not use the word Funicular because I am sure that children would not understand what the word Funicular means, but since this is a kids book, and it has pictures that illustrate the words, and pop-ups that bedazzle us even more, then I am sure that the author could have used the word Funicular and the child would know what the author was talking about because there is a picture of a funicular railway next to the word, and the child can move the train up and down the mountain).

Well, because the author was too scared to teach children the meaning of the word Funicular, I am going to have to knock a couple of stars off of the rating of this book.