The original sourcebook for the Dragonlance world

Dragonlance Adventures - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis

Okay, for those who do not know, this is Tracy Hickman:


Tracey Hickman


Yes, the Dragonlance series were not written by two woman but a man and a woman, and for those who do not believe me, here is a picture of Margaret Weiss:


Margaret Weis


And here are both of them at a book signing:


Tracey Hickman & Margaret Weis


Actually, they are at Gen-Con, but what would they be doing at Gen-Con other than signing books? I don't know, I have never been to Gen-Con (and am unlikely to do so because that would involve me travelling to America – I would rather go to Paris, sit in a cafe, and do an Ernest Hemingway).

Anyway, I probably should make a comment on this book.

There, done it. No this is not because I am tired and it is pushing twelve midnight, but rather because there is absolutely nothing about this book that I really want to comment on. I did like the Dragonlance setting once – when I was 13 – but not any more. In fact, unless I am writing a commentary on a Dragonlance book, I generally do not even think about it.

Instead, I rather post pictures of stuff – like this bull mastiff.


Bull Mastiff