One of many books dedicated to dragons

Draconomicon - Nigel Findley

I could say that this book is about a bunch of dragons sitting in cafes getting drunk, but if I did then I would be wrong because Findlay doesn't write about people sitting in cafes getting drunk, even if those people are dragons. Anyway, you can tell that it is getting late and that I am getting tired (but I am not drunk, because the only cafe I went to today was in the morning and that was to have a coffee) because I am now getting really, really, silly.

What I can say is that this book is about dragons, and I like dragons because dragons are big, powerful, and simply really, really cool. Anyway, the first monster book in Dungeons and Dragons had to be about dragons because Dungeons and Dragons is about crawling through dungeons and killing dragons. Okay, granted, there was a heap of modules written early on where there were no dragons, and people began to complain – like saying 'how can you publish a game called Dungeons and Dragons, and have no dragons in it?' So, the first thing they did was release a series of modules called Dragonlance which was based around, guess, what, dragons.

They then went on to produce more modules with dragons, and even produced this book, which is about dragons. However everybody's idea of a dragon is different. In Robort Jordan's books, the dragon is the name of a prophetic human. In the Bible the dragon is another name for a serpent, which is another name for Satan. In other books, dragons are simply mindless reptiles that run around burning things and flying. In Dungeons and Dragons, they are very intelligent reptiles that run around burning things, and flying.

Anyway, I can't finish off this commentary without having a picture of a dragon, so here it is:


Red Dragon