A corporate kids book with a moral

Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door - Disney

I've notices that this book does not have a human author. Goodreads indicated that the Walt Disney Company is the author and there is no author listed on the book itself. Surely somebody actually wrote this book, and since it was published in 1974 I'm sure a computer did not magically produce it out of its processing power. Maybe it was simply one of those corporate productions that is simply churned out to make some money. Actually no doubt it is, but still, despite my anti-corporate rant (surely Disney could have been decent enough to attribute this book to somebody) it is still a kids book and still teaches them a moral.

Basically a witch moves next door to Donald Duck, with gingerbread house, broom stick, and mushrooms. However Donald causes problems by mocking her (and getting turned into a watermelon) and then stealing her broomstick and then realising that riding a witch's broomstick is not all that easy (especially if the witch puts a spell on the stick to discourage thieves). I guess, then, the moral of this story is don't go and use things that are not yours, and or things you don't know how to use without supervision (such as mini-bikes, not that I ever took a mini-bike from somebody and rode it without supervision).


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/685529222