A superhero comic that makes no sense whatsoever

Nightwing: Love and War - Marv Wolfman

For a moment I thought it was just me, which would have been compounded by the fact that I find most super-hero graphic novels boring, but from looking across some of the other commentaries on this book, it is clear that I am not the only person who thought this graphic novel sucked. Well, I should say that it was compounded by the fact that I don't like super-hero graphic novels, though I have been willing to give them a go, especially since they are available from my local library, but after my experience with this one (namely that I kept on falling asleep as I was reading it), I have been encouraged to leave the rest of them sitting on the shelf for people who actually get their thrills out of reading them.

As for the protagonist, I spent the entire book wondering what it was that actually made him a super-hero because, well, there was nothing special about him (yes I know, Dick Greyson, aka Nightwing, used to be Robin in the Batman and Robin duo, but that is beside the point – he is still boring). Actually, adding on to the boring, is also a whopping great big WTF. Namely, this guy spends half the comic wondering around injured and complaining about how he can't do all that much (other than the fact that he is an acrobat, which probably gives him a bit of an advantage).

Then there are the two stories in which he is involved. The first involves some scientists that steal a suit of power armour off none other than Lex Luther, and when Lex Luther finds out the scientists are blown to smithereens. What does Nightwing do during all of this? Well, as far as I can tell, he jumps and dances around, avoiding getting torched by a flame thrower, and the proceeds to get turned down by a woman that asked him out earlier on in the comic (but I guess that happens when you are invited to a party, you say you'll come, and then don't turn up).

Oh, and talking about romantic relationships, the second part of the novel involves these people who are apparently partners, but she keeps on turning him down whenever he asks her to marry him, but they run around kidnapping people and draining them of their life force, and then proceed to get buried in a cave because that is how Nightwing (or was it the bunch of other people that came along with him, and then proceed to add nothing to the plot other than getting in the way, expect for some really big guy that get upset and then causes the roof to collapse) ended up dealing with them. He then goes off and takes a job as a gym instructor, but or some reason he doesn't actually need any money (probably because he is bludging off of Bruce Wayne, but I really don't know, and honestly I really don't care either).

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/814026333