A collection of short stories about Gord the Rogue

Night Arrant - Gary Gygax

To be honest, the only thing that I can remember about this book was the cover, and that is of a roc getting blasted with a minute lightning bolt (though considering the size of the bird, I the lightning bolt is probably an average size). One thing that I have learnt about it, even from the few brief reviews (if there is even one, because, besides this one, I can count only two) is that it is a collection of short stories written by Gary Gygax about Gord the Rogue.

The funny thing about Dungeons and Dragons short stories is that I never actually read them. I believe that I read this book, though in reality it could have simply been sitting on my shelf for an uncounted period of time before it mysteriously vanished (I remember a time when I nicked off to Sydney without telling everybody, and then my so called friends decided to raid my room on the pre-text that I owed them money – which I probably did). It could have been one of those library books that I never returned, but my parents ended up returning on my behalf (thanks Dad), or it could have been sold to a second hand bookshop when I did not want to be loaded with books anymore (and then for some reason all the stuff that I get rid off ends up being replaced with other stuff).

When I was younger I remember reading every Dragon magazine, a monthly periodical released by TSR for the Dungeons and Dragons community, that was released and I would read everything in the magazine with the exception of the short story. For some reason I simply never wanted to read the short story, despite the fact that I would read all of the other parts of the magazine, or even Dungeons and Dragons novels. The only reasoning that I have for this is that I probably only wanted to read the parts of the magazine that directly related to the game rather than some story that probably had nothing to do with the game at all.

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